White Elephant Plans

December 1, 2020

White Elephant!

This year we will be doing a White Elephant gift exchange, one for the youth and one for the young adults. The plan is the same for both, though the dates are different. The plan is as follows:

Drop off or mail a wrapped gift costing between 10 and 15 dollars at Knox. Please clearly label the gift with your name, Youth/Young Adult, or my name. We need the folks at the church to know what these are for, and to avoid confusing them with the Sisseton Angel Tree gifts! If you are dropping off, either find the box out front of the church with the green lid that says Youth, or if someone is there to let you into the church (phone number will be listed, or use the doorbell) you can place it in my office. If mailing, please put my name as the recipient.

On the designated day, we will gather via zoom. I will be at the church, with all the gifts in a pile. There will be chairs set out with the names of all those participating. We will assign numbers to everyone, and begin with our standard White Elephant! I will facilitate by picking out the gift you want to open, opening it, and placing it on your chair! Then, at the end of the evening, I will label all the gifts and either you can pick up the gift sometime in the next days, or you I will mail you your gift.

Young Adults – Monday, December 14 at 7pm

High School – Wednesday, December 16 at 7pm

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