Weekend of Decision (WOD) Application to go as High School Leader

March 26, 2013

WOD High School Leader Application:

-WOD is April 12-14 (you MUST be able to go and stay the entire time)
-Seniors are not eligible (because they only have one month before they graduate and we want the Confirmands to have lasting relationships with the high schoolers (sorry I know this stinks)).
-The 6-7 spots will be given based on your application (below), your participation in Knox’s youth program, and your year in school (Juniors top priority).

Due: Wednesday, April 3
Answer the following two questions in one page single spaced:
What did WOD mean to you?
Why should we pick you to go as a Senior High student this year?

(Don’t forget your name – you can either put a hard copy in my church mailbox or e-mail/Facebook them to me rtqknox@gmail.com)


Pastor Robert

Knox Blogger