Weekend of Decision Application to go as High School Leader

March 18, 2015

WOD Application


  • WOD is April 10-12 (high schoolers MUST be able to go and stay the entire time)
  • Seniors are not eligible (because most seniors only have a few months left before they leave Knox and we want the Confirmands to have lasting relationships with the high schoolers who go)
  • High school siblings of Confirmands going on WOD are not eligible
  • There are only 5 spots – so spend some time on your application because I receive between 10-15 applications
  • We look at the following when deciding on candidates:
  1. Your application (questions below)
  2. Your participation, your behavior, and your leadership in Knox’s youth program
  3. Your year in school

Due: Wednesday, March 25th by 6 PM
Answer the following two questions in one page single spaced:
1. What did WOD mean to you?  (If you did not attend WOD, talk about a turning point in your faith journey and what it meant to you)
2. Why should we pick you to go as a High School Student Leader this year?

(Don’t forget your name – you can either hand them in to me or e-mail/Facebook them to me @ rquiring@knoxpres.org)

Pastor Robert

Knox Blogger