Weekend of Decision Application to go as High School Leader

March 25, 2014

WOD Application


  • WOD is April 11-13 (high schoolers MUST be able to go and stay the entire time)
  • Seniors are not eligible (because most seniors only have a few months left before they leave Knox and we want the Confirmands to have lasting relationships with the high schoolers who go)
  • High school siblings of Confirmands going on WOD are not eligible
  • The 6-8 spots will be given based upon:
  1. Your application (questions below)
  2. Your participation, behavior, and leadership in Knox’s youth program
  3. Your year in school (Juniors top priority)

Due: Friday, March 28th
Answer the following two questions in one page single spaced:
What did WOD mean to you?  (If you didn’t attend WOD, talk about turning point in your faith and what it meant to you)
Why should we pick you to go as a High School Student Leader this year?

(Don’t forget your name – you can either hand them in to me or e-mail/Facebook them to me @ rquiring@knoxpres.org)

Pastor Robert

Knox Blogger