Week 3

January 21, 2019

Late Night Registration is Open

In just two weeks Knox youth will have their Winter Late Night! From 5:30 to midnight we will gather at Knox for several hours of wild fun, intense small groups, delicious food, and fantastic worship. Please register through the Knox website by following this link here. The cost is free for all! If you are a parent who would be interested in volunteering at this event, please send me (Darin) an email or give me a call. This isĀ not an overnight event, so there will be sleep for both the students and any adult volunteers, don’t worry.

Dinner Registration

Every Wednesday from 6-6:30 we offer dinner for students. They can either pay 5$ at the door, or pay 50$ and eat as many times during the semester as they want! It is a wonderful deal (and it helps keep us on budget too). Sign up here for dinner throughout the semester.

This week we have regular Wednesday night (Dinner 6-6:30, fellowship 6:30-7:30) and regular Sunday Bible study (7-8:30pm)! Hope to see you there.

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