February 18, 2018
To the parents of Knox high school students,
I have been so impressed and pleased by your kids’ flexibility and acceptance during what might have been a difficult transition from Pastor Robert’s leadership to a permanent youth leader.  In that vein, I have tried to keep many of his initiatives and programs in place.  One of those programs is a two night discussion on teens and sex.  As you know, the combination of dramatic hormone production with a much slower development of critical judgment skills can create a toxic brew in a young person’s life.  Parents are the primary guides and moral authority in that area, but Robert felt, and I agree, that the church can have a role in fostering your children’s thoughts about sex and where God fits into those considerations.
On Wednesday, Feb. 21 and 28, following our regular 6:00-6:30p dinner, we will have a frank discussion of sexual behavior, its influences, attitudes, consequences, and morality.  Some of the discussion will involve the whole group, but for some portion of our two hours the kids will be split up by gender with one or two adults of the same gender to have a candid discussion that might not be comfortable in a large mixed group.
I hope that your students will attend these two sessions.  Naturally, if you decide that these issues are better addressed ONLY in your home, I wanted you to have a “heads up” about the agenda.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this program or any other aspects of the church’s high school youth ministries.
In Christ’s Love,
David Newby
Youth and Young Adult Leader

Knox Blogger