Wednesday: Go & Serve 2017

June 15, 2017

Wednesday was another great, work filled day!

I started out visiting Team 4 who are painting the exterior of their home and also putting on a new screen door.

Then I visited Team 8 who are painting the outside of a tall house and are making awesome progress.

Finally I visited Team 6 who are painting the exterior of their house and they are also putting in new insulation in the attic.

We had another amazing dinner prepared by our fabulous cooks’ team! We also welcomed almost all of our homeowners to have dinner with us along as a lot of people from Hammer and Nails. We had to find extra chairs and tables for everyone, which is an excellent problem to have! Our sophomores plan and led an excellent worship service on the theme of “Grace: It’s Enough.” It was another very good day on Go & Serve. God bless!

Pastor Robert

More photos from Kurt:

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