Wednesday: Go & Serve 2016

June 9, 2016

Wednesday was another great, work filled day!

I started out by visiting Team One who are leading Vacation Bible School with the Children’s Rescue Center in the morning. They have around 30 children attending VBS. It was very cool for me to hear from our youth about their interest in the life stories of the kiddos they are working with and how they were concerned¬†for them. Some of the children have been through some difficult things no child should have to go through, but VBS is a blessing for them this week a safe place.

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Next I visited Team 6 again at the Perrin Elementary School. I learned more about Perrin Promise. They are an after school program that offers children who need a safe place to be after school activities and projects. Team 6 is specifically working on making a little lecture area with benches so students can come and sit and be taught and instructed right by the gardens.

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Next I visited Team 9 who are working at the Women’s Shelter. They have made a lot of progress on their long serpentine privacy fence and are still working on preparing the backyard for a playground. They’re working on seeing if they can get the play ground equipment for us to install this week.


Next I visited Team 3 who are also working at a different Women’s Shelter building. They had made a lot of progress on the removing the old carport roof which can fit like 30 cars. It is really long carport. The rest of the team was stilling painting the interior and had made a lot of great progress.

Finally I visited Team 8 who are working at the Springfield Family YMCA. They had made a ton of progress on painting the walkway that circles the two court basketball gym. That’s a lot of painting!

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We had another amazing dinner prepared by our fabulous cooks team! We also welcomed several guests at dinner from the organizations that we’re working with. (Pics to come tomorrow hopefully) Our sophomores plan and led an excellent worship service on the theme of “You are the salt of the earth.” It was another very good day on Go & Serve. God bless!

Pastor Robert

More photos from Neels:

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