Wednesday: Go & Serve 2014

June 12, 2014

Wednesday was another beautiful day in Cedar Rapids!  I visited the final 3 sites.

Team 10 is working on a home owned by Westminster Presbyterian Church that runs a Loaves & Fishes and a Kids’ Closet.  They are scraping and repainting the exterior and adding some support beams for their porch.  I was invited to stop by for lunch when the women who run Loaves & Fishes and Kids’ Closet made Team 10 lunch.  It was a great lunch and we got to hear some about their ministries.

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Team 6 is working on the Gross family home.  They have fallen on some difficult times and needed some work done on their garage before it was condemned.  Team 6 is working on the roof and putting new siding on the home as well.  They were milling around while I was there.  Some were on the roof and others were working on getting the siding edges set up just right.

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Finally, Team 11 is out in Bertram, Iowa – just a few miles outside of Cedar Rapids.  This is a cool story.  Bertram United Methodist Church had just received new goals from their governing body that they needed to meet for some financial help.  One of those goals was to renovate their church – a couple days later Matthew 25 called asking if we could come help.  The sanctuary had wood beams running from wall to wall and wood panels on the wall.  Team 11 took those down and is repainting the interior of the church.

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We returned home, cleaned up, and headed to dinner.  Some of the guests from our sites joined us for dinner, which was very special!  We then had worship, which was plan and led by the 10th graders, on the theme, “God equips.”  We read the story of Jesus calling the first apostles as fisherman and how they just dropped their nets and followed him trusting that he would equip them.  We then had small groups and headed to bed.  Continued prayers appreciated!  God bless.

Pastor Robert

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