Tuesday: Go & Serve 2016

June 8, 2016

Good morning from Springfield! Tuesday was another great day on Go & Serve!

I started out visiting Team 1. They are working with Children’s Rescue Center in the morning leading a Vacation Bible School. Then in the afternoon they are working with Clark County Literacy Coalition, which is a library that also offers one on one tutoring to 72 people. They are cleaning out the basement of the library and building some shelves for books.

IMG_5632 IMG_5637 IMG_5638 IMG_5639

Next I visited Team 8 who are working at the Springfield Family YMCA. They built two picnic tables, were landscaping and trimming trees, and are going to paint the entire track room inside the YMCA!


IMG_5643 IMG_5644

Next I visited Team 3 who are working with a shelter for women and children who have been the victims of abuse. They are repainting the inside of the building, the stairs outside, and have removed the crumbling roof of a really, really long car port. They were busily pulling out nails from the top of the board holding up the roof when I visited. We can’t take broad pictures of this site because it is an undisclosed location. It is sad that shelters like this need to exist, but it is a blessing that they do.

_GNS5507 _GNS5509 _GNS5512

IMG_5645 IMG_5646

Next I visited Team 9 who are also working with the shelter for women and children who have been the victims of abuse. They are building a serpentine long, big fence and also working on putting in a small play ground in the back yard. Once again, the pictures are limited.

_GNS5528 _GNS5530

Lastly, I visited Team 6 who are working at Perrin Woods Elementary School for an organization called Perrin Promise. Team 6 is moving a lot of dirt that is being moved to create a garden for the elementary school. They were moving like worker ants as they carried buckets and wheel barrels of dirt down to the creek to help prevent flooding. They have also spent some time working at the home of the school’s old principal’s widow who was overwhelmed with thankfulness for our youth. Very cool!

_GNS5350 _GNS5355 _GNS5365

IMG_5647 IMG_5648 IMG_5650

We returned home, had some rest time, and then headed off to dinner at the church again. Dinner lovingly prepared by our cooks was delicious. Our juniors plan and led worship around the theme of “Darkness.” Then we headed off to bed after a good hard day of work. God bless!

Pastor Robert

Here are some extra photos:

_GNS5181 _GNS5183 _GNS5207 _GNS5210 _GNS5242 _GNS5291 _GNS5298 _GNS5301 _GNS5307 _GNS5323 _GNS5342 _GNS5347

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