Tuesday: Go & Serve 2016

June 14, 2017

Good morning from Canton! Tuesday was another great day on Go & Serve!

I started out visiting Team 2, which is the farthest worksite from Malone. They are painting the outside of their home, building new back door steps, and redoing the drywall in one of the rooms of the house. There are several dogs and cats at the house that the team are in love with!

Next I visited Team 5 who have torn down and are rebuilding a large front porch. It had started raining heavily in the afternoon, but they were still in good spirits!


I did not get to see the last three teams because of the rain. We returned home, had some rest time, and then headed off to dinner at the church again. Dinner lovingly prepared by our cooks was delicious. Our juniors plan and led worship around the theme of “Grace: It’s a Gift.” Then we headed off to bed after a good hard day of work. God bless!

Pastor Robert

Here are some extra photos (Photos by Kurt Dorr):

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