Thursday: GO & SERVE 2015

June 19, 2015

Two Important Notes:

1.  Parents who are picking up their youth tomorrow, we plan to be home around 11:30-noon tomorrow.

2.  I uploaded more photos that Kurt Dorr took of our Go & Serve trip to Facebook today.  You can view them HERE.  You don’t have to have a facebook account to view them.

Thursday was another great day of Go & Serve, especially because our inspector came so we got to start pouring concrete at all of our sites – even the site we were told could not be inspected until next week. Very good news!

I started the day visiting Team 1 and met them in their van because they had finished their work at the baseball field. They finished the backstop, replaced rotten wood and repainted the bleachers, and they repainted the bright yellow parts of the park. It’s really awesome to see the before and after of the park!


I then visited Team 3, who has been working at a woman named Barbara’s home this week. They are painting the interior of her house and doing some basic repairs. I met her as she sat on her screened in porch and she was so thankful for our group and the work they are doing for her.

IMG_4207 IMG_4208

I then stopped by Team 8, who is still working hard on ripping out and replacing the roof for the add on room in the back of her house. They are also replacing some shingles on her main roof. It’s quite a project and it was very cool to see the progress they’ve made together!


Teams 5 & 7 are still working hard on the home that will be used as a home for pregnant teens. They have finished landscaping and are close to finishing painting outside. They are also painting the inside and are working really hard to get everything done. They have also helped clear out tons of items from the home and it is much more spacious now!


IMG_4211IMG_4214 IMG_4215

Team 2 was finally pouring concrete into their post holes for the porch for their homeowner, Mimi. They had ripped out a sidewalk to her backyard and replaced it with dirt so she can plant grass and they were loading all of the concrete that had been her sidewalk onto a trailer to be taken away. Great progress being made!


Team 6 had also started pouring concrete into their postholes for their front porch and were working hard on mixing. The homeowner has five children and some of them sat their in the window watching the team work. It was really cute and cool!


I also drove by the park where we put in the new playground. It was hard to get a good picture, but it was quite a transformation. There were people stopping by in their cars to check out the new playground.


We returned home for dinner. We had a nice big block of free time on Thursday night because everybody was getting tired. The freshmen led our worship service about how others can be a positive impact on us and a negative impact on us. We had small groups and were off to bed. It’s crazy to think that it is almost Friday of G0 & Serve!

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