Thursday: Go & Serve 2014

June 13, 2014

Two Important Notes:

1.  Parents who are picking up their youth tomorrow – please remember that we will be doing pick up in the bank parking lot.  The vans will unload there.  See you between noon-1 PM.

2.  I uploaded a lot of photos from the week to facebook today.  You can view them HERE.  You don’t have to have a facebook account to view them.

Thursday was another breath taking beautiful day in Cedar Rapids.

I started off visiting Teams 1 & 7 – who are still working at Usher’s Ferry – and they had made a lot of progress.  Team 1 had been working stripping the depot of paint – they finished that – and had already painted a lot.  It looks awesome.  Team 7 finished laying all of the brick and is now repainting another building at Usher’s Ferry – they are also replacing old and damaged wood panels before they paint.  It’s a very cool site.  On one of our pre-trips they had elementary schools out learning about their area’s history at Usher’s Ferry.  It’s cool that we were able to help fix it up for those people who will enjoy it in the future.IMG_0215 IMG_2939 IMG_2941 IMG_2944 IMG_2945 IMG_2946


I then got to visit Teams 5 & 9 – who are working at Cedar House – the homeless shelter.  They had made a lot of progress as well.  Team 5 had painted the inside completely and were working on their second coat of paint.  It looked really good.  They were painting over wall paper and were not sure what the result would be, but it turned out to look really artistic and beautiful.  Team 9 was still working on the backyard.  The concrete truck had just arrived when I got there – so I got to watch them pour the concrete.  Team 9 also mowed the yard, trimmed the bushes, weeded the garden, and made the backyard look awesome.  It was really cool to see how far they had come.  A news crew stopped by as well and interviewed some of our youth about Go & Serve.

IMG_2953 IMG_2952 IMG_2951 IMG_2948 IMG_0253 IMG_0244

We returned home, cleaned up, rested, and headed to dinner.  Thursday night was movie night so we watched Bruce Almighty.  The Freshmen planned and led worship on the theme, “equipping others.”  Their passage was I Corinthians 12 – One Body, Many Parts.  There were four powerful testimonies.  We’ve been using buckets as our metaphor this week.  How do you fill each other’s buckets?  What empty’s your neighbor’s bucket?  Thursday night we gave every youth a small bucket with their name on it and words to describe them.  It was very cool.  We were then off to bed.  Your prayers are felt and appreciated.  God bless.

Pastor Robert

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