Safe & Sound in Joplin: Go & Serve 2012

June 11, 2012

Greetings from Joplin!

Go & Serve 2012 is off and running.  All of the vans arrived in Joplin between 6 and 7 PM after a 10 hour drive.  The drive was full of changing scenery, get to know you games, and a lot of naps.  We got moved into our lodging at Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) and had pizza delivered for dinner.  A lot of pizza!  Afterwards we played high energy games with 150 people… entertaining… to get all of our energy from sitting all day out.  Before it was time for bed, we gathered for worship and heard about our theme for the week – Hope.  Then we split into small groups to discuss our day.  Lights out was not difficult, but I assume it will get easier and easier as the week progresses and tiredness ensues.

We’re working on getting internet up at the college, so I’m sitting in a Subway in Joplin right now.  Once I have internet and I start getting pics from people I’ll post them.  God bless friends!


Knox Blogger