G&S: Hump Day!

June 13, 2019

Wednesday is a tough day. Smack in the middle of the week, the work drags on and the end seems far away. But Wednesday is also a wonderful day! Projects are moving along quickly, teams have developed a rapport, and things seem more familiar.

This morning I visited team 4 on the eastern side of town.

Today was a big day for them – a window needed to become a door! After building half of a deck, the team installed a door, and tomorrow will be able to install the second half of the deck. Oh, and they painted the whole house!

After lunch, I headed to the other side of town to meet up with Team 2, working away at the food pantry. The floor of the food pantry was sagging and rotted completely through in parts. The town agreed that the whole floor could be replaced, and Team 2 wasted no time in tearing out the old floor to begin replacing it. In the evening, we broke with routine and ate an early (yet still delicious dinner!) and loaded up the vans for a quick drive out to Roy Lake. There, surrounded by the beauty of creation, we played games, worshiped, and met in our small groups. Though Wednesday is a tough day here at Go and Serve, we were well rewarded for our labor with the majesty of God’s creation, as the sun set behind us while we gathered to worship God. 

G&S: Two Days In

June 12, 2019

This morning I set out with team 6, aka Big Ol’ Crack (so named because their van came with a large crack down the passenger side window – a window that has now been replaced!). Our destination was a local home in need of a fresh coat of paint as well as a concrete pad at the bottom of their deck. Needless to say, my previously unsullied overalls are now covered in white exterior paint. 
After a delicious lunch, which involved introducing the team to the delicious concoction that is Cheez-Its and hot sauce, I set out south. It was a thirty minute drive to visit the next team, a drive through dusty narrow roads up a coteau. I was headed for St. James Episcopal church, the work site of team 3.

There work for the week includes the backbreaking labor of clearing bushes, shrubs, trees, and weeds that threaten to overwhelm the cemetery located adjacent to the church. This cemetery is the final resting place of a number of Veterans, including one Civil War Veteran, Earl Pierce Owen.  Though most of the morning was overcast, by the time I arrived in the early afternoon the sun had broken through the clouds, and temperatures were rising. Fortunately, I came prepared with ice cream for the team (meanwhile our wonderful cooks were delivering ice cream to the rest of the teams in town).

Work continues, worship continues, fellowship continues, and all of us here in Sisseton continue to covet your prayers as we head into the middle of our week.

In closing, a quick shout-out to Kids in the Kitchen for providing our delicious lasagna for dinner! Nothing like pasta to fuel hungry teens.

G&S: One day down!

June 11, 2019

We had a wonderful first full day here at Sisseton. Up bright and early at 6:30, we were fed a delicious breakfast before circling up for Morning Watch and prayer.

Then it was off to the jobsite! I spent the afternoon with Team 5, the a-Van-gers!

Team 5 was busy removing and replacing a handicap ramp, mowing and tidying the yard, repairing steps, and beginning a new deck. 

Everyone took turns on all the tools — miter saws, nail guns, posthole diggers, and even a chainsaw!

The day wound down around 4:30, as everyone headed off to the showers and then back to Family Life Assembly of God for dinner, games, small groups, and worship. It took some effort to get everyone sent off to bed – I am sure that by Wednesday bedtime will become an eager announcement!

We made it!

Eleven hours, a handful of pitstops, and a few tolls and potholes later, and we have arrived in Sisseton, SD for our week of service, worship, and fellowship.

While here in Sisseton, we will be staying at Family Life Assembly of God, a delightful church on the south side of town. The boys are sprawled out in the basement, and the girls are filling classrooms on the main level. After arriving and unpacking, the cook team fed us pizza and ice cream – a foretaste of many delightful meals to come, undoubtedly. After some rules and regulations, the students went off to play some games – as if a day of riding in a van wasn’t exhausting enough. The day ended with worship in the Sanctuary, song and scripture and a short message, introducing the theme verse for the week, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

We are looking forward to tomorrow, as students will travel to their work sites and begin work! Thank you to those who made this trip possible, and continued thanks for those praying for us! God has brought us here, and we trust he will continue his good work in and among and through us.