Monday: Go & Serve 2017

June 13, 2017

Monday was a beautiful, sunny day in Canton! I was able to visit 5 of our 10 teams. This year we are working with a Christian organization called Hammer and Nails, Inc. Hammer and Nails works with residential home owners who need some sort of help. All of the homes I’ve seen so far are big, old homes.

I started out by visiting Team 7 as they were scraping and getting ready to paint the massive house they’re working on this week. I also got to meet their lovely home owner.

Next I visited Team 1 as they were prepping the outside of the house to paint and were also working on the kitchen inside.

Next I visited Team 9 who had the interesting job of needing to remove railroad ties, which a homeowner had used to lay the back deck on. They are quite heavy! They are hoping to work on a new deck this week.

Then I visited Team 10 who had already removed a lean room addition to the house and were working on scraping so they can paint.

Finally I visited Team 3 who are working on a beautiful big home with an awesome front porch. They were scraping and priming before they are going to paint the home.


We then returned home and headed to Christ Presbyterian Church who isĀ letting us use their kitchen facilities this year so our cook’s team can prepare dinner for us each night. Our seniors planned and led worship on the topic of “Grace: It’s Free” and did an excellent job! We were all thankful for a good day’s work and God’s grace as we headed off to bed.

Pastor Robert

More pics are below:

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