June 16, 2015

We are working with the Ford Institute at Albion College this week. They helped arrange our work, food, and lodging. The most impressive thing is that they held three town hall meetings to discuss the different projects that needed to be completed and came up with a list of around 80. The town then voted on the ones that we should do this week and came up with around 20 projects for us.

Monday morning was beautiful! Monday afternoon it rained. I was able to visit three sites.

I started off visiting Teams 4 and 7. They are working on a home that is going to be used as a home for pregnant teens. They are doing a lot of landscaping, cleaning out the home, and then painting the interior and the exterior. IMG_4120IMG_4133IMG_4115IMG_4117 IMG_4118IMG_4136

I then visited Team 9. Team 9 is working on a residential home for a woman who has adopted several kids and her elderly father has just moved in with her. They are scraping the paint off the trim and repainting it, and building a wheelchair accessible ramp for the home owner’s father to use father to use. They also ripped out some of the sidewalk going to the street and are going to put new cement down. It was raining while I was there so I didn’t get many pictures.


Finally, I visited Team 8. Team 8 is working on a residential home as well. The homeowner bought the home knowing it was a fixer upper. The previous homeowner had a lot of store stuffed in this room added on to the house and said that he would come back and clean it out and never did. So, Team started out by clearing that room. Their next task is to re-support and reroof the added on room, however, there were some holes in the roof already so when it started to rain it got messy. Team 8 was still in good spirits and were planning for the next day.

IMG_4125 IMG_4126


We returned home, cleaned ourselves up and dried off, and headed to dinner. After dinner the seniors planned and led worship on the theme of making a positive impact and the story of the Good Samaritan. It was a really neat, fun, and energetic service.

Rather than small groups, we watched the Blackhawks game. It is interesting watching the game with 120 people Рmainly teenagers. Whenever the puck got within 30 feet of the goal there was an eruption of enthusiastic cheers! Thankfully the Blackhawks won so we had plenty to cheer about last night! That was a great way to end Monday! God bless!



Pastor Robert

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