Monday: Go & Serve 2014

June 10, 2014

Monday was a beautiful day!  I was able to visit three sites.

I started off visiting Teams 1 & 7 – who are working at Usher’s Ferry – which is similar to Naper Settlement. Team 1 was working on the Depot – which was full of cool old signs and other antique things.  They were stripping paint so that they could repaint the depot on Monday.  They were also pulling nails and boards off of one side of the building so they can put up new boards.


Team 7 is working on laying brick for a short area of sidewalk.  They were trying to level out the dirt while I was there.  We were using these large stampers to level out the dirt after we had raked it up.  They also had sand to put down to even everything up.  They just started laying bricks when I was leaving.


Next I visited Team 2 – who is serving at Memorial Meadows – an assisted living community.  They are doing some landscaping – weeding and expanding a rock garden that is right by the front door.  They are also building a shed to keep mowers and tools.  It is really because the residents keep wanting to do things for Team 2.  One man came out and bought them all pops and others want to bring them desserts.  It’s like being spoiled by your grandparents while you’re on a worksite.


GS13 GS7 GS6

Finally, I visited Team 3 – who are working at the Franks’ home.  Team 3 is ripping out and replacing the Frank’s back door stairway and repainting their backyard shed.  They suited up to strip the paint off the shed, which made the pleasant day much more toasty.  When I was there they were apply a coat of primer to the shed.

GS8 GS9 GS10 GS11 GS12


Everyone returned home after our first day of work, cleaned up, and we headed to First Pres. Cedar Rapids, where our kitchen team is preparing amazing dinners for us all week.  We ate to our stomachs content and then headed back to Coe for games.  The Seniors planned and led worship on the theme God’s Call Received & Accepted.  We split into small groups to debrief the day and wind down.  Everyone mingled for a little while afterward and then went off to bed.  It was a good Monday.  God bless!

Pastor Robert

Knox Blogger