Hesed House

August 29, 2011

On the fourth Saturday of every month, Knox serves at Hesed House, a homeless shelter in Aurora.  Knox high school youth serve during the third shift (3 t0 7 AM shift Sunday morning).  During this shift, we are responsible for preparing breakfast for 100+ people and serving them in any other way that we can.  Each month, an adult youth sponsor, volunteers to organize the pick up and drop off of up to five youth.

This is an extremely important experience for our youth to have, so I would encourage youth to attend as frequently as they can.  If you have any questions please contact Pastor Robert.

Pastor Robert

Adult Youth Sponsor Month Leader

  • September 24-25 – Rev. Eric Heinekamp
  • October 22-23 –
  • November 26-27 –
  • December 24-25 –

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