Help Matt Fitzgeralid’s Eagle Scout Project

October 9, 2015

Matt Fitzgerald is working with Operation Support Our Troops America for his Eagle Project. They provide the opportunity for community members to express their appreciation and offer support for our troops serving in harm’s way. They send comfort packages of items that are not readily available to our troops in their deployed locations along with, cards and notes of support from the community. Please bring these items on a Wednesday or Sunday night in October! We’ll continue collecting items through Sunday, Nov. 1st! Thank you!

  1. Tuna Foil Packs or Cans
  2. Gallon/Quart Sized Ziplock Baggies
  3. Band-Aids
  4. Mouthwash (16oz or less, no glass)
  5. Peanuts (canned or jarred, no glass)
  6. Starlight Mints/Hard candy
  7. Pain Medication
  8. Pringles
  9. Peanut Butter (16 oz or less, no glass)
  10. Body Wash (16 oz or less, Male or Female)

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