G&S: The Big Push

June 14, 2019

Today was yet another fantastic day in Sisseton, SD! Today I visited the only team I had yet to visit, the terrific Team 1! They have been busily installing siding on a neighboring church, laboring away under the hot sun, measuring, cutting, nailing, lather, rinse repeat. Some of the pieces proved tricky to measure and cut accurately. A great deal of time, patience, and trigonometry were required to complete the job.This evening, we invited folks from the community to join us for dinner. Some of the homeowners attended, along with their families. Pastor Vern and his wife and grandkids ate with us as well, along with our point-man at Tri-State lumber who worked tirelessly to supply us with materials throughout the week. After dinner, the Go and Serve team filed out to a nearby park to take the traditional group photo.

Tomorrow is our final work day, and it will be a doozy. Teams will be trying to finish strong with the end in sight. Pray for us, for strength and focus to complete our work, and to arrive home safely Saturday!


Knox Blogger