G&S Mandatory Meeting Wednesday May 11 @ 7:30

May 10, 2016

Go & Serve Mandatory Meeting Wednesday May 11 @ 7:30 in Sanctuary – our Mandatory Meeting is this Wednesday – all youth and parents are required to come – please e-mail me if there is a reasonable conflict. Youth who are at the meeting can make roommate requests.

For All Adults going on Go & Serve:

  1. Safe Haven (Child Protection) Policy Training @ 7 – There will be a training at 7 PM on May 11 in the Sanctuary. You must complete this to go on G&S. If you’ve gone through the training since June 11, 2013 and completed a background check form – then you’re good to go. E-mail me with any questions.
  2. Complete Driver Information Form – you can download the form OR pick up a copy in the Knox workroom.  We also need a copy of your drivers license and current insurance card. You can download an app like TinyScan to scan your license and insurance card with your smartphone OR you can make copies at the church. Please complete this by Wednesday, May 25. Thank you.



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