G&S: Hump Day!

June 13, 2019

Wednesday is a tough day. Smack in the middle of the week, the work drags on and the end seems far away. But Wednesday is also a wonderful day! Projects are moving along quickly, teams have developed a rapport, and things seem more familiar.

This morning I visited team 4 on the eastern side of town.

Today was a big day for them – a window needed to become a door! After building half of a deck, the team installed a door, and tomorrow will be able to install the second half of the deck. Oh, and they painted the whole house!

After lunch, I headed to the other side of town to meet up with Team 2, working away at the food pantry. The floor of the food pantry was sagging and rotted completely through in parts. The town agreed that the whole floor could be replaced, and Team 2 wasted no time in tearing out the old floor to begin replacing it. In the evening, we broke with routine and ate an early (yet still delicious dinner!) and loaded up the vans for a quick drive out to Roy Lake. There, surrounded by the beauty of creation, we played games, worshiped, and met in our small groups. Though Wednesday is a tough day here at Go and Serve, we were well rewarded for our labor with the majesty of God’s creation, as the sun set behind us while we gathered to worship God. 

Knox Blogger