Go & Serve Packing List & Discipline Procedure Handouts

June 1, 2016

DON’T FORGET: Drop Your Bags off Saturday between 5-6 PM at Knox. Go & Servers attend 9 AM service Sunday morning (sit together in the right pews). We’ll depart immediately afterward the 9 AM service.

Here are the two handouts from the Mandatory Meeting – parents and students are expected to have read, understand, and follow the discipline procedure and what not to bring on Go & Serve.  The packing list and emergency contact sheet is also listed.

Discipline Procedure G&S 2016

Packing List & Emergency Contact 2016

New this year:  Cell Phones and Personal Audio:

  • Youth can bring cell phones on G&S and use them during specified times:
    • During the drive to and from Ohio (at adult leaders’ discretion)
    • During free time right before dinner
    • During free time before bed
  • Cell phones ARE NOT allowed on worksites or during evening activities.
  • Knox is NOT responsible for lost or stolen phones.
  • Cell phones that become problematic will be confiscated and returned at the conclusion of the trip.
  • This is a trial run that will determine our cell phones rules for future Go & Serves. So, please follow the rules and be respectful.

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