Go & Serve Mandatory Meeting Handouts

May 18, 2016

For Students:

Here are the two handouts from the Mandatory Meeting – parents and students are expected to have read, understand, and follow the discipline procedure and what not to bring on Go & Serve.  The packing list and emergency contact sheet is also listed.

Discipline Procedure G&S 2016

Packing List & Emergency Contact 2016

New this year:  Cell Phones and Personal Audio:

  • Youth can bring cell phones on G&S and use them during specified times:
    • During the drive to and from Ohio (at adult leaders’ discretion)
    • During free time right before dinner
    • During free time before bed
  • Cell phones ARE NOT allowed on worksites or during evening activities.
  • Knox is NOT responsible for lost or stolen phones.
  • Cell phones that become problematic will be confiscated and returned at the conclusion of the trip.
  • This is a trial run that will determine our cell phones rules for future Go & Serves. So, please follow the rules and be respectful.

For All Adults going on Go & Serve:

  1. Complete Driver Information Form by Wed, May 18 – you can do download the form here OR there are copies in the workroom.  We also need a copy of your drivers license and insurance on one page please.  You can download an app like TinyScan and use your smartphone OR you can make copies at the church.  Please do this by Wed, May 18.  Thank you.
  2. Complete Safe Haven Training (You must renew this every three years. If you went through Safe Haven Training before June 11, 2013 – you are good to go.) Check with Joan Tanck if you are unsure if you need training or not. Next training: Sunday May 22 at 11:45 am.

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