Go & Serve — Day 4

June 14, 2018

June 13 saw heavy, dark clouds as we went to breakfast.  Telling the Go & Servers to get their ponchos did the trick!  No rain and beautiful the rest of the day.

Team 7.

Secretly known as the Lemonheads (see photo).Their homeowners are is Ryan, son Adam, daughter Karah and wife Carly. The a sour bunch, tore town two old porches. rebuilt the porches and added a 16’ wheelchair ramp from the porch to the driveway. Some of the lemons are doing landscaping.  The team is led by adults Julie McMullen, Dave Weeks, Dave Bonomo, and young adult Matt Morgan.  The younger lemon-aids are Kaylor, Wynant, Riley, Zack, Katelyn, Brooke, Delilah, and Joe. 

Team 8.

Team 8, also known as Team Gr8. They are the recycling team. The Four R’s. (See photos)





Team Gr8 reroofed the garage, stained the front and back porches, and all the trim, and power washed. Their home owners are Harry (85) and Fussy (80).  Team Gr8 is led by adults Ken McMullen, Dana Stables, and young adults Michael Baker and Heather Trowbridge.  The Gr8-est members 🙂  are Jess, Jack, Kylie, Ethan Desiree, Manhattan, Ryan, and Brendan.

We also visited some sites again to see the great progress on the fence repair and the completion of a ramp.

Remember the board game Hungry, Hungry Hippos?  Well, we tried it with live people to hilarious results at game time. We had breakfast for dinner (hence the kitchen leader in his robe).  We worshipped together, led by the sophomores, with a message on restoring hope with Jenny’s object lesson on full and empty glasses.

Stay tuned,

David Newby, Youth Leader

Knox Blogger