Go & Serve — Day 3

June 13, 2018

Tuesday, June 12 was another beautiful day.  We seemed to have come to San Diego by way of Michigan!  Now that they’ve gotten the hang of it, the teams really demonstrated their teamwork and plunged into their projects with gusto.

I’d be remiss (not to mention never get my picture taken again) if I didn’t give a shout out to my essential and talented blog partner, Neels DeConing, who has taken all of the fantastic shots on this blog and generally this week.

Our kids work their tails off, but the dedicated adults make Go & Serve happen.  Our kitchen team has been tireless and talented in filling our bodies with the energy and good humor we need to complete this mission.  The kitchen team is led by Marty Ovens and Bill Smith and includes Beth Schlegel, Susan Morgan, Liz Renc, Susan Findling, and the awesome Glen Knudsen, who informed us that he just turned 80 and is working circles around folks half his age!  Also, Tom Stables and Jim Burner drive our tool truck from site to site delivering tools and supplies.  We could not do ANY work without them.

Team 4 is working on the home of Leonard, right by the Alma College campus.  Leonard, like many of our homeowners, was recommended to us by the local commission on aging.  The team was busy priming and painting the entire exterior of the home, including all of the trim, which is the most time-consuming part.  Team 4 (“Elihu and the Flamingos”) is led by adults Derek Dusenberry (his 20th Go & Serve!), Tracy Olsen (her 1st, with 19 to go), and Carl Shaffer.  The young adult is Taylor Hubbard.  The backbone of the team is its collection of phenomenal high schoolers: Gina, Jacob, Katrin, Jake, Emma (working just as hard as the others while in a post-surgery boot!), Jordan, Karl, and Tyler.

Team 3 (“Citrus” for their orange bandannas) is working on Nancy’s home, which she was proud to tell me was her birthplace 74 years ago.  Team 3 is all about ingenuity.  They were presented with a pile of wood and designed and built a shed from scratch (see photo progress after only 1.5 days of work).  That’s not all; they are painting interior sills, waterproofing an accessibility ramp, and landscaping.  They sang their song for me.  “Got nails; Got nails; Team Citrus never fails!”  The adults on this team are Amanda Hartley, Brian Hubbard, and Jim Kurpiel, assisted by our “floater adults” Jeff McCombs and Joel McCombs.  The young adult is Colin Van Blaricom (all the way from Denver).  The real work is being done by Alli, Trey,Graham, Ryan, Caroline, Emma, Milah, and Chris.

Team 1 (“Bednar’s Buckets”) is composed of adults Rob Bednar (way up on top of the cherry picker in photo below), Jenny Hubbard, Bruce Burkelman, and young adult Jackie Trowbridge, who doubles (with Lara Hrynko) as one of our valuable mission trip nurses. The Team teens are Jack, Caroline, Erin, Jake, Peyton, Neel, and Vaughn.  This team has undertaken a huge painting job, with lots of scraping, priming, painting, and climbing up/down/up/down ladders.  No need to work on their Stairmasters this evening.

Team 6 (the “Square Root of 36” — no, I don’t understand it either; they also wear butterflies on their heads, so there) is glazing windows, painting and landscaping a small property that needs a lot of work.  Adults are Terry Thornton, Kedra Smith, Tom Smith (no relation), and Lara Hrynko.  The intrepid teens, who took a pretty scary picture, are Callie, Angelo, Jennifer, Zach, Emma (we have A LOT of Emmas), Jeanine, Jeff, and Ian.

After work and dinner, we took our group photo in our 2018 shirts that emphasize our theme of “hope.”

Worship was led by the juniors, including a skit with a creative take on the Road to Emmaus.

David Newby, Youth Leader.

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