Dunes Trip – Sunday, Aug. 14

July 27, 2016

What: Secret Dunes’ Trip

Secret? 10, 11, and 12 graders arrive at Knox at 7 AM to go and “kidnap” the 9 graders from their homes and bring them back to Knox for breakfast, then we head to the Dunes for the day.  Please help us keep it a surprise for the Freshmen!

When: Sunday, Aug. 14 – 7 AM – 7 PM

Where: Warren Dunes in Michigan

Cost: $15 (for bus and breakfast) + bring a cooler with food for lunch and snacks. (The Dunes’ concession stand is currently closed while under construction, therefore, everyone will need to pack their own lunch and snacks this year)

What to bring: Towel, sunscreen, swimsuit (one-piece suits only), change of dry clothes, money for lunch and snacks/packed lunch

If you as a parent would like to participate,

  • as a driver for the kidnapping
  • going to the Dunes for the day
  • or both

Parents, we would love to have you join us.  For adults who want to go, in addition to signing up your youth, please complete the “Annual Permission” and “Dunes Permission” for yourself as well. Mark anything Not Applicable for adults “N/A.”

Questions: E-mail Sue Lies at jslies@aol.com or call/text (630)two94-3two31 OR contact Pastor Robert

Two Step Registration:

  1. NEW Annual Permission – it’s that time of year again when we need you to fill out the 2016-17 annual permission form with your insurance and doctor info, but once you have done it you won’t have to do it again this school year. You must complete this for the Dunes’ Trip HERE.
  2. Dunes Permission & Payment – click HERE to sign up and pay for the Dunes Trip.

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