All Things Youth – 9/19

September 18, 2018

Wednesday Bible Study 9/19

We continue looking at Creation this week, as we work through our verse for the semester, 2 Corinthians 5:17. Dinner at 6, games and activities start at 6:30! Fun will be provided.


Starting at 7pm this Saturday until 7am Sunday morning we have the Youth Lock In! If your student needs to leave early, they may leave at Midnight only, and a parent/guardian MUST inform me, Darin, that their child is leaving at Midnight. Those students who wish to leave at Midnight, but have not had a parent/guardian contact me, will NOT be allowed to leave. Register by Friday, 9/21 through Hover over “Youth” to reveal the drop down list. Click “Registration” and then click “Lock In” or follow this link here. There also must be a permission slip on file for your student to attend, available on the registration page.


  • Seniors – Dessert
  • Juniors – Chips
  • Sophomores – Drinks
  • Freshman – Fruit/Veggies

Consider also the following: Blanket, pillow, favorite boardgame, gaming console, teddy bear. WEAR ACTIVE CLOTHING – the night will involve mandatory games (preexisting injuries notwithstanding), so wear clothing (and shoes in particular!) that are suitable for running/jumping/pivoting/crawling/stopping/starting/pole vaulting.

No Bible Study 9/23

I will be asleep. Why? See above (note particularly the pole vaulting).


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