Information sheet for high schoolers who have turned 18

January 30, 2014

(This is an information sheet that was created when our new CPP began – I usually hand it out to individuals – but wanted to disperse it so that all who have turned 18 and their parents can see it)

Knox Presbyterian Church

Information Sheet for High School Youth who are age 18 or older

Knox Presbyterian Church is very pleased that you are participating in our Youth Ministry. The reason we ask you to read this information sheet is because now that you are age 18 or older, you are legally considered an adult. As an adult participating in activities and events which are part of Knox Presbyterian Church’s Youth Ministry, you need to be aware of the following.

1)    As a participant in Knox’s Youth Ministry, a youth in high school who is age 18 or older is considered a youth and asked to abide by the same rules and instructions that are given a youth younger than age 18.

2)    All drivers who transport youth during church-sponsored events must be at least 25 years old.

3)    Youth under age 18 must have written permission from their parent or guardian to attend offsite church events.  Knox asks that youth who are age 18 and older still obtain permission from your parent or most recent guardian for events when it is required for youth under age 18.

4)    During youth activities sponsored or run by the church, youth under age 18 may not dispense their own medications without specific written approval of their parent or guardian. Participants who are already 18 years old do not need this permission.

5)    The personal conduct and discipline of participants in youth group activities, regardless of the participant’s age will be directed by the authorized church staff or program leader.

6)    Possession of weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs by any participant in youth group activities, regardless of the participant’s age, will result in immediate removal from the activity and may result in reporting to legal authorities.

7)    Sexual contact, sexual abuse, threatened or promised sexual contact, and sexual harassment are prohibited and will not be tolerated by any person participating in youth activities, regardless of age. In the case of an adult (at least 18 years old) which includes participants as well as staff and volunteers, engaging in such behavior, that person’s behavior will be reported to law enforcement officials, and the person will no longer be eligible to take part in youth events.

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