Tonight, 8/14, from 6-7:30 we have our first Wednesday Youth Group! Open to all high school students (grad years 2020-2023), Wednesday nights are a time of fellowship, fun, and food. Dinner is served between 6 and 6:30. This is an optional part of the evening. If your child would like dinner, please send them with $5 to cover the cost. There are 18 Wednesdays this semester – at $5 a week that’s $90 worth of meals, or you can pay $50 for the whole semester today! Follow this link to pay for the whole semester of meals up front and save up to $40!!

If you haven’t yet visited the Youth Calendar, click the dropdown list at the top of this page, and head to the Calendar page. There you can see all the upcoming events for the whole year. The next big event is on September 21st, a day of team building at the Lincoln Marsh High Ropes Course. The cost is 25 dollars, lunch included. We will meet at Knox at 9am and return home by 3:30pm. More details will follow as the day draws closer.

If at any point during this year you have questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to reach out to me, Darin, through email or throught the Knox office. I am looking forward to a wonderful year of youth ministry!

This is a reminder that registration closes tomorrow, Wednesday August 7th, for the Dunes trip! Register for the trip here.

Your child will need to bring: Swimsuit (one-piece or tankini for the girls), sandals, water bottle with their name, a towel, lunch or $$ for the concession stand, sunscreen, and a change of clothes!

Additionally, we need all parents to fill out the 2019-2020 General Permission Slip and Waiver. This needs to be completed to participate in any activities this school year. The registration can be found here.

And Youth Group begins again on Wednesday, August 14th. As always, dinner is from 6-6:30 and costs $5 – or pay $50 for the semester and save! Then we have fellowship from 6:30-7:30. It is going to be ane exciting year of Youth Group with activities, games, small groups, prayer, lessons, art, and all other manner of good and fruitful time! Students are always welcome – whether they miss one week or six, any time that they are able to come we are glad to have them.


A New School Year Approaches!

As August slowly draws nearer, so does the new year of Youth events here at Knox! We have a great year of events and activities planned for the high schoolers, and I am excited for what the year holds.

As always, we have a permission form that covers the 2019-2020 school year. This permission slip, available here, needs to be signed in order for your child to participate this year. It is good for the whole school year, so you only need to fill it out once!

Our kick-off event is the Dunes trip, which this year will be taking place on Sunday, August 11th. The plan is the same as previous years. Sophomores through Seniors will meet at the church at 7:30 am and then head to the houses of Freshman in order to “kidnap” the Freshman and bring them on the trip! (Please help keep this a secret from the Freshman!) We will have breakfast at the church and leave for the Dunes by 8:30am, and arrive home by 7pm.

Your student needs a water bottle, a towel, sunscreen, swimsuit (one piece or tankini for girls), a change of clothes, and either a pack lunch or 20$ for the concession stand.

Sign up here for the Dunes Trip. Please note, registration closes on Wednesday, August 7th.

Lastly, we need parents to volunteer 1) to drive the older kids to pick up the freshman 2) to attend the trip. You will be able to let me know if you would like to drive the older kids on the registration. If you would like to attend for the day, please register yourself and send me an email at 

G&S: The Big Push

June 14, 2019

Today was yet another fantastic day in Sisseton, SD! Today I visited the only team I had yet to visit, the terrific Team 1! They have been busily installing siding on a neighboring church, laboring away under the hot sun, measuring, cutting, nailing, lather, rinse repeat. Some of the pieces proved tricky to measure and cut accurately. A great deal of time, patience, and trigonometry were required to complete the job.This evening, we invited folks from the community to join us for dinner. Some of the homeowners attended, along with their families. Pastor Vern and his wife and grandkids ate with us as well, along with our point-man at Tri-State lumber who worked tirelessly to supply us with materials throughout the week. After dinner, the Go and Serve team filed out to a nearby park to take the traditional group photo.

Tomorrow is our final work day, and it will be a doozy. Teams will be trying to finish strong with the end in sight. Pray for us, for strength and focus to complete our work, and to arrive home safely Saturday!