Lock In Registration – Due Friday at Midnight

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Parent Meeting Sunday, 9/30

You, parents of the wonderful and rambunctious Knox Youth, are invited on Sunday the 30th to the High School room (in the basement) from 11:30am (after worship) until 12:15. I would love the opportunity to meet all of you, as well as give you my vision for ministry and respond to any questions you may have. I have enjoyed getting to know your kids, and I look forward to getting to know you, parents, as well! Childcare provided – those who need childcare will need to email me before Friday 9/28 at dnettleton@knoxpres.org.

Care Packages

Sign ups now open for young adult/college care packages! To keep in touch with those students who have graduated high school, we enjoy sending out care packages twice a year (November and March), to any and all young adults. They are packed with treats and encouraging notes. To register your young adult, follow this link here to the Young Adult page on the Knox website.

All Things Youth – 9/19

September 18, 2018

Wednesday Bible Study 9/19

We continue looking at Creation this week, as we work through our verse for the semester, 2 Corinthians 5:17. Dinner at 6, games and activities start at 6:30! Fun will be provided.


Starting at 7pm this Saturday until 7am Sunday morning we have the Youth Lock In! If your student needs to leave early, they may leave at Midnight only, and a parent/guardian MUST inform me, Darin, that their child is leaving at Midnight. Those students who wish to leave at Midnight, but have not had a parent/guardian contact me, will NOT be allowed to leave. Register by Friday, 9/21 through knoxblog.org. Hover over “Youth” to reveal the drop down list. Click “Registration” and then click “Lock In” or follow this link here. There also must be a permission slip on file for your student to attend, available on the registration page.


  • Seniors – Dessert
  • Juniors – Chips
  • Sophomores – Drinks
  • Freshman – Fruit/Veggies

Consider also the following: Blanket, pillow, favorite boardgame, gaming console, teddy bear. WEAR ACTIVE CLOTHING – the night will involve mandatory games (preexisting injuries notwithstanding), so wear clothing (and shoes in particular!) that are suitable for running/jumping/pivoting/crawling/stopping/starting/pole vaulting.

No Bible Study 9/23

I will be asleep. Why? See above (note particularly the pole vaulting).


Young Adults

September 10, 2018

If you are a young adult (high school graduate through 25 years old), come to the 5pm Services this Saturday to meet me, Darin Nettleton, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. If you know a Young Adult, please let them know that I am eager to see them there. After the service, we will head to Standard Market (1508 Aurora Ave, Naperville) for dinner. What’s more — I’m buying! If you can’t make the service, meet us at Standard Market at about 6pm and I will still buy you dinner. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Updated Information

September 10, 2018

LOCK-IN Early Dismissal:

If your student needs to leave early from the Lock-In, the parent/guardian must contact me, Darin Nettleton, before September 21st. Students who have NOT had a parent/guardian contact me will NOT be allowed to leave the event early. Early Dismissal means the student will be allowed to leave Knox Pres at 12am (midnight). It is important to us that your students remain for the entirety of each and every event they attend, thus we ask you reserve early dismissal for extra-ordinary situations.

New Safety Procedures:

The safety of your children is of utmost concern to us at Knox. To that end, we are asking the students to sign in upon arrival to both Wednesday youth group and Sunday Bible study. We expect your students to remain in attendance throughout the remainder of the evening, once they have signed in. If a student needs to leave early we simply ask to be notified that this is happening so we can make a note of it.

If a student needs to arrive early by 10 or more minutes to a Sunday or Wednesday night, the student will need to remain upstairs by the sanctuary until a second student arrives or two adult leaders are downstairs. At that point, students may begin signing in. Once a student has signed in, we take responsibility for them — until that point, the student is outside of our care. Again, this is in the case of a student arriving more than 10 minutes early for an event.